Tap Water

Pete and I were talking to Steve from Paper Dress Vintage at National Service‘s show the other day. I asked him about decent places in the East London to play a gig. He mentioned:

The Victoria
Sebright Arms
The Finsbury
Paper Dress (well, yeah)
and St Pancras Old Church

I like playing at these venues, and will gladly play them again. But this is East London, not Dunedin, New Zealand. There really should be a more than 5 decent small venues to that host great gigs.
There were no surprises in that bunch, except for St Pancras Old Church, which I’d never heard of. It looks nice, and I became all puppy dog excited, but Pete said that it’s prohibitively expensive put on a show there “unless we can guarantee we can pack it out”. I can’t guarantee my London kettle will sufficiently boil my London tap water.
Does anyone have any recommendations of places with lovely music-loving staff where one can see a super-fun-time-show?
Or are all of the musicians running away to Leicestershire?

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