Injuries. I am clumsy, so have had my share. Here are some musically related injuries, listed in an irrelevant numerical order:

    1. I was playing a festival in New Zealand. I became caught up in the moment and didn’t realise until afterwards that the drums were covered in blood. Then I felt the stinging on my right hand. I guess I had cut it on cymbal. Sorry whoever owned those drums.
    2. More than once: I’m in the middle of a heavier-than-normal-for-my-genre song and I miss the snare, smacking myself directly in the testicles with a drumstick. I always finish the song, albeit in pain. What a hero.
    3. This one wasn’t caused by playing but is certainly worth a mention: when I first joined the band, we were told we couldn’t gig for a while because a certain guitarist had injured himself. He had been making salsa, and had chopped the end of his finger off. He did write DADGAD because of it though.
    4. I had bought a cheap hi-hat clamp, and it would not fit on most stands. I tried to force it on. It would not go down. I tried to force it off. I hit my face with the hi-hat. Bloody chin.
    5. When I was young/an idiot, I used to finish gigs by kicking my kit over. I wanted to look rock-n-roll, but really I was just tired and didn’t want to play an encore. I sometimes landed on them and bruised myself.

So it seems I have not injured myself too badly yet and the list may be a slight let down if you were looking for proper schadenfreude. I knew a drummer back in NZ who was told by the doctor that he wasn’t allowed to play anymore because he had arthritis. It’s not very dramatic, but significantly worse than all of the above.

Oh, by the way, I’m off to Japan/New Zealand next week, so we won’t be playing again until next year. We have a new bass player though! Welcome to the band, Takako!

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