Old Men

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against old men.
Actually, baby boomers do have a lot to answer for as a species, and there’s the whole men-are-mostly-creepy-and-shouldn’t-be-let-out thing. And if you think about most people you reeeeeally despise, I’m going to guess they’re mostly Old Men. And Sandra. But Old Men do make up 80% of our listener base, so I’d better not burn too many bridges in the first paragraph.

As I mentioned blogs ago, we’re after a new member. As I hadn’t mentioned yet, the new member needs to play bass. Pete wrote an advertisement on the back of a past lover’s used tissue (the kind that wipes tears, not noses), kissed it, and let it fly away with the wind in search of bassists. A few of their kind used the modern day version of the postal service to say they would like to wow us with their bom bom bom. They were all Old Men. I think the term ‘Americana’ is catnip to males over 57.

Pete re- mixed and mastered the ad, this time with an ageist twist (probably with words like, “woke”), and released it to the masses. Ageism worked! We met with two potential bass players last night to have a youthful chat over a youthful pint or two, and talked about young people’s music. And neither of them were old men.

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