I’ve been told that a lot of platforms are unsustainable and are going away.

You definitely have to use Twitter. But Twitter is losing money and will go bust soon. You have to upload your music to Soundcloud. But Soundcloud is dying and you’re going to lose all of your music (it’s true, it’s not true, it’s true, it’s not true). You definitely need 90 thousand followers on Facebook, but not me because I just deleted my all of my Facebooks and I feel so much better for it and wow I can finally breathe again you’ll find me in a mountain hut on Snow Mountain in Taiwan. Follow my mountain blog.

Is word of mouth the best way to get people to come to shows? Are Facebook and Twitter just distractions and addictions like alcohol is? Should we be calling people up on their landlines or sending minidiscs through the post?

Blind Atlas has a new website, by the way. Give me a call on my landline and let me know what you think.

Listening to: The Pink Panther Theme Song by Henry Mancini

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