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We are currently in the process of finding another musician for the band. The first, and I think best, way of finding a new player for a group is the same way I prefer to find an employee or a new actor for a show: ask around your network. I would much rather meet and jam with someone recommended by a friend or colleague of the band than a stranger from Gumtree. But sometimes you have no option than to go with the sticky plant.

So what mistakes are we seeing in the ads we receive? Let me list them like a good blogger would do:

  1. You don’t read what we’ve written or even listen to our music! How do you know it’s not going to be a waste of time for you or us?
  2. You live in Richmond. I have nothing against people from Richmond (okay, I do), but we rehearse in Dalston. Am I being a hypocrite considering I live in W14? Maybe. Richmond is even further though.
  3. You are 17. We don’t want to be your first band.
  4. You are a terrible musician. You put up videos of yourself playing on the internet, and those are your best takes?
  5. You are a terrible person. Yes, you have perfect pitch and have connections with several labels, but I don’t want to have a pint with you. So no thanks.
  6. You are a session musician. You won’t care about our music and we can’t afford to pay you. I think you just write to everybody. Why not join an agency?

It’s not easy to find a band to play with, or to find a musician to match your band, but at least think about whether it will work for both parties before getting in touch. We’re meeting up with someone next week, so maybe it will be love at first pint.

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